Do not put Wisdom in a Box

Divine wisdom comes in all shapes and forms.  There is no one right way to divine wisdom and knowledge.  There are many paths.  What does your heart tell you?
Whatever your heart tells you then follow that path.  Do not let others make that choice for you.  You must make that choice yourself in an intelligent way.
There are many churches and religions that say theirs is the only path to God, or the only right way to salvation or what not.  I think it is sad to put God in a box and say that there is only ONE way to reach Him.  God is infinite, eternal, without attributes, and impossible to describe in words.  So how could one religion or church claim that theirs is the only path?
Follow your heart.  Wisdom can be found in ANY religion or church.  Unfortunately, sometimes religions are judged based on the actions of individuals who follow those religions.  Do no focus on the individuals.  Focus on the sacred writings.  Read the sacred scriptures.  If you focus on the individuals who follow such and such tradition or religious movement then you will be forever deluded and confused.  You will not be able to avoid judging and forming endless ideas in your mind that are no good to your spiritual path.
Read the sacred writings and go from there.  Take what calls you at this moment in time.   Something that calls you now may be different from something that may have called you five years ago or that will call to you five years from now.
This is the reason it is foolish to say only one religion is right.  Different aspects of wisdom will reach different individuals at different stages of their lives at different times.  Putting wisdom in a box will limit your learning and your spiritual path.
Take what calls to you now and meditate on that piece of wisdom.  Then there will be no limit to your spiritual growth.

Monica is a Vedic Astrologer since 2009. She has a B.A. in Psychology. Her deep passion for the spiritual and occult side of life has led her on a path to go deeper into the mysteries of life, and to seek the underlying causes of phenomena and events. This is what led her down the path of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). She began by studying Western Astrology first, but it still was not enough. After about three months of studying Western Astrology she came across a book by James Braha on Western Astrology, but the back cover said he actually practiced Hindu Astrology. She became curious about this different astrology she had never heard about and immediately called him and ordered his books. He sent her her chart to study alongside her new Hindu (Vedic) Astrology books. The fateful day upon receiving the book titled, "Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer"she became so absorbed on Vedic Astrology, that she never looked back. It explained circumstances in her life which could not be explained by Western Astrology alone. She practices the Parashara System, and stays with the traditional seven ancient planets. She has studied personally with Punditji Mahesh Shastriji of mypanchang.com, Dennis Flaherty's correspondence course, tutoring with Penny Farrow, courses by James Kelleher, and finally through hours of individual study from a set of about 40 sundry books on Vedic Astrology purchased from Dennis Flaherty a week after having received James Braha's books (back in 2009). She will always consider herself a life-long student of Jyotish, considering how vast and deep this knowledge is. She continues to learn through the courses given by James Kelleher, a wonderful Jyotish Guruji!

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