Important Aspects of Self-Care You Don’t Want to Miss

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Guest post by: Brad Krause

Are you participating in a balanced, wellness-oriented lifestyle?  When it comes to delving into a self-care plan, there are several important components many people miss.  Keep these aspects in mind when configuring your plan for ensuring good mental and emotional health and well-being.


Provide proper nutrition.  The meals we eat fuel our minds and bodies, but in our hurried world we often choose convenience over health.  There are many mental health benefits to be found in enjoying a nutritious, balanced diet. Being hungry can lead to irritability and restlessness.  However, a satisfying meal can improve energy levels, increase productivity, and promote feelings of calm. Family Doctor suggests a diet aimed toward promoting mental well-being should be comprised of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products.  You might feel you are too busy to prepare adequate meals, or to even go to the grocery to purchase the ingredients. If you are living a rushed, on-the-go lifestyle, there are ways of incorporating a healthy and interesting variety of food into your self-care plan, such as a meal delivery service.  Conveniently delivered straight to your home, carefully chosen fresh foods mean portion control and nutrition are readily available, freeing you up to do other things.  


Enjoy some downtime.  Having obligations is part of life, but if you don’t have time for relaxation you put yourself at risk of burning out.  Enjoying downtime on a routine basis offers many important benefits to mental wellness, such as reduced stress and anxiety levels.  Participating in relaxing activities such as taking walks and chatting with friends can help to recharge your battery on busy days.  Learning some relaxation exercises can also help you feel better in stressful moments, helping to settle your mind and body regardless of where you are and what is happening.    


Set compassionate boundaries.  Do you have trouble saying “no” when you are asked to do something that makes you uncomfortable, or do other people’s problems tend to become your problems?  Being able to set boundaries that are kind and compassionate both to yourself and the other person should become a priority in your life.  If you consistently put yourself last, you actually damage both yourself and the other person. It’s disrespectful to not tend to your needs, and it teaches the other person unrealistic expectations.  Cultivate compassion both toward yourself and the other person through open communication and consideration. Be prepared to let go of issues and relationships which are toxic, and rest in knowing it’s a healthier choice.


Get adequate sleep.  It can seem as if you aren’t accomplishing anything when you’re sleeping, but as Psychology Today notes, sleep is actually critical for good mental health.  During sleep, your brain processes information and helps you cope with difficult situations, to the point those who are not allowed to sleep within a few hours of traumatic events are more inclined toward post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  If you tend to feel tired during the day or toss and turn at night, look for ways to optimize your sleep habits and environment.  For instance, getting into a bedtime routine can tell your body and mind it’s time to unwind.  It can be as simple as washing your face, brushing your teeth, and spending some time meditating in dim lighting.  Consider adding a soothing scent to your bed linens, such as lavender, and make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet for slumber.    


Are you taking good care of yourself?  Making choices that promote your well-being is necessary to maintain overall health, but many people miss vital elements of self-care.  Ensure your mind and body have proper nutrition, take time to relax, set boundaries which are kind, and tend your need for sleep. Choosing well means feeling better and enjoying a fuller life.

By Brad Krause

Monica is a Vedic Astrologer since 2009. She has a B.A. in Psychology. Her deep passion for the spiritual and occult side of life has led her on a path to go deeper into the mysteries of life, and to seek the underlying causes of phenomena and events. This is what led her down the path of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). She began by studying Western Astrology first, but it still was not enough. After about three months of studying Western Astrology she came across a book by James Braha on Western Astrology, but the back cover said he actually practiced Hindu Astrology. She became curious about this different astrology she had never heard about and immediately called him and ordered his books. He sent her her chart to study alongside her new Hindu (Vedic) Astrology books. The fateful day upon receiving the book titled, "Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer"she became so absorbed on Vedic Astrology, that she never looked back. It explained circumstances in her life which could not be explained by Western Astrology alone. She practices the Parashara System, and stays with the traditional seven ancient planets. She has studied personally with Punditji Mahesh Shastriji of, Dennis Flaherty's correspondence course, tutoring with Penny Farrow, courses by James Kelleher, and finally through hours of individual study from a set of about 40 sundry books on Vedic Astrology purchased from Dennis Flaherty a week after having received James Braha's books (back in 2009). She will always consider herself a life-long student of Jyotish, considering how vast and deep this knowledge is. She continues to learn through the courses given by James Kelleher, a wonderful Jyotish Guruji!

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  • Kit

    Im all about self care too because I want my kids to see the importance of self care too and when they are well informed then it is easier for them to respect others too. I make sure we get plenty of sleep and aside from that we also eat healthy. We do have our cheat days but its always eating in moderation.

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