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Karka (Cancer) Personality Traits

Karka is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Being a water sign, they tend to be emotional in their approach to life. Karka people tend to be more subjective than objective, and they know how to read and understand emotions very well because they naturally resonate strongly on that level. They are typically intuitive and imaginative.

Karka is sensitive, and sometimes hypersensitive, taking things too personally sometimes. This may cause moodiness, and sometimes it may lead to sulk and play emotional games with others, especially a significant other. It is difficult for Karka to let go of things, leading them to hold on to grudges for a very long time. However, the Karka person with the Ashlesha Nakshatra influence is more prone to this kind of behavior.

Being the emotional types, Karka tends to get attached to people and things very deeply. You can count on them to be loyal and faithful to the end. Since they are sensitive, they tend to sympathize profoundly with others. They are very compassionate and caring and can be depended on to be there when others need their support. Karkas have an inherently maternal and nurturing nature about them. They like to provide sustenance to others.

Karka persons are very protective and supportive towards others, but that is because deep inside they crave that kind of protection themselves. They have a deep nesting urge and intense desire to have a family and home life. Karkas are usually very attached to the family and mother figure.

Karka is a chara (movable) sign. Karka people tend to be very changeable mentally and emotionally. Their mood wanes and waxes like the phases of the Moon. This causes them to be unstable at times, and it may lead to periods of depression. However, like the Crab which symbolizes this sign, this lack of mental and emotional peace is the irritant which produces the pearl of wisdom in their lives. They are continually looking for contentment, and this leads them to seek spiritual fulfillment on a higher plane which they can never find on this earthly plane. The Karka person’s search for peace leads them to learn how to manipulate their energy levels eventually. On a higher level, they apply their knowledge to control their unstable and unpredictable moods and to be able to raise their energy levels quickly and effortlessly at their command.

Another quality of being a Movable sign is that Karka people do like to travel, but their security comes first. Therefore, they have to arrive at their lodging and make sure their temporary nest is secure, and all things in it are taken care of before they can venture out to explore.

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