Lord Teach us Detachment

Lord, in many of your sacred scriptures and religious teachings of various religions you teach us about detachment.  You gives us clues about a higher life and a lofty spiritual world which could be our domain a future spiritual life if only we could learn how to be detached.
But what does detachment mean?  To what is it referring?  What exactly are we supposed to be detached from?
Lord, you teach us that we are supposed to be detached from everything.  Everything literally means everything.  Material, emotional, and temporal things are what you tell us, Lord, that we should be detached from.  You teach us in your spiritual teachings that we ought to detach our minds and hearts for things of this world.  Things that belong to temporal reality.
What is temporal reality?  Everything that is bound by time.  Things that have a beginning and an end.  Lord, you teach us that we should detach our minds from thinking too deeply about material and temporal things that are not eternal, as You are eternal in your Being, Lord.  You teach us these things in order that we may come to love you and to know you.
It is difficult to come to love and know You when our minds think and our hearts desire temporal and worldly things.  You want us to detach ourselves from things that bind us here below, in order that we may become empty and open to receive spiritual food that comes from You my Lord.
Lord, it is difficult for us to become detached so easily.  We need to be constantly praying to you day in and day out that you help us in this endeavor.  Lord, please teach us what it truly means to be detached in mind and heart, and fill us with your divine wisdom and love.
Teach us to desire spiritual things so that our minds and hearts become more acquainted with divine things, and little by little our minds and hearts will naturally withdraw from this temporal world and seek only You.

Monica is a Vedic Astrologer since 2009. She has a B.A. in Psychology. Her deep passion for the spiritual and occult side of life has led her on a path to go deeper into the mysteries of life, and to seek the underlying causes of phenomena and events. This is what led her down the path of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). She began by studying Western Astrology first, but it still was not enough. After about three months of studying Western Astrology she came across a book by James Braha on Western Astrology, but the back cover said he actually practiced Hindu Astrology. She became curious about this different astrology she had never heard about and immediately called him and ordered his books. He sent her her chart to study alongside her new Hindu (Vedic) Astrology books. The fateful day upon receiving the book titled, "Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer"she became so absorbed on Vedic Astrology, that she never looked back. It explained circumstances in her life which could not be explained by Western Astrology alone. She practices the Parashara System, and stays with the traditional seven ancient planets. She has studied personally with Punditji Mahesh Shastriji of mypanchang.com, Dennis Flaherty's correspondence course, tutoring with Penny Farrow, courses by James Kelleher, and finally through hours of individual study from a set of about 40 sundry books on Vedic Astrology purchased from Dennis Flaherty a week after having received James Braha's books (back in 2009). She will always consider herself a life-long student of Jyotish, considering how vast and deep this knowledge is. She continues to learn through the courses given by James Kelleher, a wonderful Jyotish Guruji!

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