The Art of Living

Lord, sometimes we wander aimlessly throughout life without knowing what our true purpose in life really is. Each time we accomplish a certain goal we are not as happy as we initially thought we would be. We want more. Usually our goals consist of material things, such as for money, pleasures, adventures, and so on. Our goals are usually ego-oriented.

However, we sometimes forget that You are our true goal in life. The reason we are on this Earth is to learn more about You and Your Holy Ways. We forget this because we get caught up in earthly pursuits that do not bring any lasting satisfaction. And how can these things bring any satisfaction if our only true satisfaction is You, Lord?
Teach us how to seek You in everything we do. It does not really matter what our earthly pursuit in this life is as long as we surrender the results to You. It is not following earthly pursuits that is the problem. The problem is that we neglect to revert everything back to You and to give You thanks for everything You have given us.
Many of us cannot renounce the world as many spiritual masters have done in the past. Be we can renounce the world in our hearts by surrendering everything to You.  We do not have to renounce the objects of this world. What is the point if we renounce the physical objects, yet remain bound at heart to them and still think about them consistently? If we physically renounce them but still desire them in our hearts, then we have not truly renounced anything. Yet, we can own them and not be attached to them in our hearts.
What matters is that we renounce things by surrendering them to You, and not care about the results. Teach us, Lord, how to work in the world for You. Whether that is sweeping, cleaning, walking, driving, or working in anything whatsoever. Teach us to offer all our activities up to you.
It is an art to learn how to do this, Lord. Teach us this art, and when we finally think of You in everything we do, then show us a way in which we can offer up our services to the benefit of others. Ultimately the most important thing is to learn how to make living an art.  And this art means making You our ultimate Life Purpose, and surrendering everything else to You.

Monica is a Vedic Astrologer since 2009. She has a B.A. in Psychology. Her deep passion for the spiritual and occult side of life has led her on a path to go deeper into the mysteries of life, and to seek the underlying causes of phenomena and events. This is what led her down the path of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). She began by studying Western Astrology first, but it still was not enough. After about three months of studying Western Astrology she came across a book by James Braha on Western Astrology, but the back cover said he actually practiced Hindu Astrology. She became curious about this different astrology she had never heard about and immediately called him and ordered his books. He sent her her chart to study alongside her new Hindu (Vedic) Astrology books. The fateful day upon receiving the book titled, "Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer"she became so absorbed on Vedic Astrology, that she never looked back. It explained circumstances in her life which could not be explained by Western Astrology alone. She practices the Parashara System, and stays with the traditional seven ancient planets. She has studied personally with Punditji Mahesh Shastriji of mypanchang.com, Dennis Flaherty's correspondence course, tutoring with Penny Farrow, courses by James Kelleher, and finally through hours of individual study from a set of about 40 sundry books on Vedic Astrology purchased from Dennis Flaherty a week after having received James Braha's books (back in 2009). She will always consider herself a life-long student of Jyotish, considering how vast and deep this knowledge is. She continues to learn through the courses given by James Kelleher, a wonderful Jyotish Guruji!

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