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10.14 Questioner: For general development [of the] reader of this book, could you state some of the practices or exercises to perform to produce an acceleration toward the Law of One?

Don questions Ra on what practices can more quickly lead us to The Law of One. 

Ra: I am Ra.

Exercise One. This is the most nearly centered and usable within your illusion complex. The moment contains love. That is the lesson/goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is to consciously seek that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition. The third seeking powers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third. As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self of the desire to seek love is so central an act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.

This first exercise appears to be the most important one for two reasons.  Ra mentions it first, and it is the one with the longest explanation.  The exercise is very simple: The moment contains love.  This suggests that in every moment we should appreciate the love inherent in it.  However, Ra states that it will take a lot of practice because we may feel insincere in the beginning.  But regardless of that, with practice the moment will contain love naturally and effortlessly.  The first time we try it is the cornerstone.  It is an important moment because it means we have acknowledged the beauty and power of seeing the moment containing love, and we have decided that we indeed are going to make the effort.  We have taken the first step.  We do this a second time: the moment contains love.  Time passes, we forget.  We become aware of the moment again.  The moment contains love.  Each time we become aware of the moment containing love, it builds upon the previous efforts.  The moment contains love becomes a more powerful reality.  Our spirituality deepens.  Again, the moment contains love.  Eventually the moment just contains love.  Everywhere we look, the moment contains love.  It becomes natural, a part of our beingness.  As our spirituality deepens further, we become one with the moment, we become love.  It seeps into our subconscious minds, the moment contains love.  We are suddenly one with it, we are the moment, we contain love, we ARE love.  We make love with everything we touch and encounter.  We acquire the Midas touch: we turn everything into golden love.  The moment contains love.  We are that moment.  We are that love.  

Exercise Two. The universe is one being. When a mind/body/spirit complex views another mind/body/spirit complex, see the Creator. This is an helpful exercise.

The universe is one being.  The universe is one.  The Creator is the universe.  Everyone and everything in existence is the Creator.  When you see another person, see the Creator.  Each of us contains the divinity.  We are all creators.  Acknowledge the divinity in every person.  See the potential.  See the Creator in your other self.  Send love and blessings to your other self, the other person.  We are all one.  Do not focus on faults or deficiencies.  Instead, see the Creator.  Appreciate the other self.  See the Creator and love him or her.  Every being is sacred.  Every being contains love, whether active or dormant.  See the Creator and awaken that love within the other self.  Without any judgment see the love in their beingness.  Awaken that love by seeing it in them.  Create harmony with other selves.  Awaken the love and joy.  Accept their beingness unconditionally, forgive them for being themselves, awaken the love and see the Creator.  Enjoy the beingness of the other selves.  

Exercise Three. Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator.

Look in the mirror and see yourself.  See the Creator.  You are beingness, you are the moment, you are love.  See the Creator.  It does not mean hubris.  It means see the divinity in yourself in humility.  See the divinity and love inherent in beingness.  You are a Creator in every moment.  Create love here and now.  The moment contains love.  See the Creator in other selves.  See the Creator in yourself.

Exercise Four. Gaze at the creation which lies about the mind/body/spirit complex of each entity. See the Creator.

See the life of every person.  See everything that exists in the reality of the other self.  See the Creator.  Love and accept each self as he or she is and see the Creator.  

The foundation or prerequisite of these exercises is a predilection towards what may be called meditation, contemplation, or prayer. With this attitude, these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling and ennobling the body and touching the spirit.

In order for these exercise to sink into the roots of the mind and ennoble the spirit, there should be a natural desire to practice meditation, contemplation, or prayer.  Do not force or try to control anything.  If you are not inclined at this moment that is ok.  Accept yourself as you are and forgive yourself.  The teacher comes when the student is ready.  There is no hurry.  Enjoy your beingness at this moment in time. 

However, if you are already naturally inclined towards meditation, contemplation or prayer, these exercises will deepen your spiritual perception and bring you even closer to The Law of One.  Enjoy, my other selves!  The moment contains love.  I love you!❤ 

In Love and Light,



The Law of One: The Ra Material

Book 1, Session 10


Monica is a Vedic Astrologer since 2009. She has a B.A. in Psychology. Her deep passion for the spiritual and occult side of life has led her on a path to go deeper into the mysteries of life, and to seek the underlying causes of phenomena and events. This is what led her down the path of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). She began by studying Western Astrology first, but it still was not enough. After about three months of studying Western Astrology she came across a book by James Braha on Western Astrology, but the back cover said he actually practiced Hindu Astrology. She became curious about this different astrology she had never heard about and immediately called him and ordered his books. He sent her her chart to study alongside her new Hindu (Vedic) Astrology books. The fateful day upon receiving the book titled, "Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer"she became so absorbed on Vedic Astrology, that she never looked back. It explained circumstances in her life which could not be explained by Western Astrology alone. She practices the Parashara System, and stays with the traditional seven ancient planets. She has studied personally with Punditji Mahesh Shastriji of mypanchang.com, Dennis Flaherty's correspondence course, tutoring with Penny Farrow, courses by James Kelleher, and finally through hours of individual study from a set of about 40 sundry books on Vedic Astrology purchased from Dennis Flaherty a week after having received James Braha's books (back in 2009). She will always consider herself a life-long student of Jyotish, considering how vast and deep this knowledge is. She continues to learn through the courses given by James Kelleher, a wonderful Jyotish Guruji!

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