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In Class 1 we give an introduction to Vedic Astrology.  We touch upon the history, the Limbs of the Vedas, and the role Karma plays in our astrological charts and lives.  It is a foundational class in order to get a good perspective on the structure, origin, and purpose of Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha.

In Class 2 we discuss the symbolism and signification of the Sun in each of the 12 astrological houses.

In Class 3 we discuss the psychological traits of the Sun and the Moon, and how their symbolism plays out in our lives in a meaningful way.

In Class 4 we begin to learn how to read a Vedic birth chart.  We use the South Indian chart, and we discuss the relations of the signs with each other, Purusharthas, Four Domains in Life, Planetary Rulership, and Uccha/Neecha disposition of planets (exaltation/debilitation).

This is a very important foundational class to take in order to be able to understand the language of Jyotish for future classes.